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Offices and Resources

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's office is responsible for class enrollment and registration, assessment of fees, registration and graduation verification, diplomas, official transcript of records, schedule of classes and all other transactions pertaining to student scholastic records.

College Library

The College Library provides venue for students, staffs and researchers to have access to a variety of resources. It ensures that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and all other related materials and media.

Accounting Office

The Accounting office supplies the accounting needs of the College and the government agencies, students and parents. It handles all the day-to-day financial transactions of the school, service and auxiliary units of the College.

Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office has the responsibility for student activities and governance. It handles complaints and problems of students as well as cases against students in coordination with Student Handbook; supervises student organizations and activities and coordinates with outside agencies for out-of-campus student activities.

Guidance Center

The Guidance Center provides relevant and student-friendly services that respond to the various academic and non-academic needs of the students.

Medical and Dental Clinic

The goal of the Medical and Dental Clinic is to maintain and promote responsive, efficient and quality health care to all members of the SLC community.

Research Management Office

The Research Management Office manages and facilitates easy conduct of research for faculty and staffs in the School.

Extension Services Office

The Extension Services Office provides programs for the establishment of a dynamic Christian Missionary community among its client-partner communities. It also provides the school with concrete community service that integrates instruction and research through the use of the College's human and material resources as well as resources of identified communities so as to bring about growth in self-reliance and empowerment among the people in the target communities.

Campus Ministry Office

The Campus Ministry Office provides a place for students of all faith traditions to explore, enrich and engage their spiritual life.

Institutional Development & Quality Assurance Office

The Institutional Development and Quality Assurance Office (IDQA) Office is a newly created office under the Office of the President in response to the call to continuously ensure quality assurance mechanism for the College. The IDQA Office, which officially started operations June 2014, is tasked to (1) to establish and manage institutionalized mechanisms to monitor implementation and delivery of Strategic Planning process in the College, (2) to institute quality assurance mechanisms and programs to meet both national and international or global quality standards, and (3) to build communication gateway for internal and external stakeholders of the College.