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Academic Programs

Basic Education Schools

ASTELogoElementary Department

True Christian living, relevant academic excellence, responsible professional leadership, and involved social awareness are the inter-related key dimensions of the institutional goals of Saint Louis College Elementary School.

ASTELogoHigh School Department

Saint Louis College is a democratic institution in a democratic milieu. It upholds the freedom of choice; freedom of duly qualified students to choose their schools and the freedom of the College to admit those worthy of admission to and retention on the basis of satisfactory scholastic performance and adherence to duly promulgated school rules and regulations.

College, Juris Doctor, School of Advanced Studies

ASTELogoCollege of Arts & Sciences, Teacher Education and Information Technology

It is the aim of the College of Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education and Information Technology to provide the student with sound and solid amount of general knowledge in the human sciences and arts so that with competence, she/he may review human problems realistically and holistically without prejudice.

csaCollege of Commerce, Secretarial and Accountancy

The College of Commerce, Secretarial and Accountancy aims to produce management practitioners who are not only knowledgeable in business expertise but well-rounded educated individuals too. Through liberal orientation in their formation, they will be prepared to participate actively and effectively in the cultural and material progress of the country in conformity with standards of integrity and professionalism. 

ceaLogoCollege of Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture Education provides the formal basis for preparing the nation's technical manpower with the capacity, knowledge, understanding and insight to fulfill the technological needs of society.

The College of Engineering and Architecture aims to prepare engineers and architects who are not only knowledgeable in their fields of specialization but well-rounded Christian professionals. Engineering and Architecture education is geared towards training the individual for the profession in which knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to economically utilize the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. 

lawCollege of Criminal Justice and Legal Education

The College of Criminal Justice and Legal Education's mission is to produce competent and ethical lawyers and law enforcers. It is envisioned to be the laboratory where analytical and logical thinkers are equipped with legal knowledge and training to produce pro-active leaders in the community in their future capacities as lawyers, judges, legistators and law enforcers with the end in view of achieving a more just and humane society under an efficient and ethical administration of justice. 

gradschoolSchool of Advanced Studies

The goal of the School of Advanced Studies is to prepare and to form the researcher, the scholar, the teacher, and the leader. Its final product is the efficient professional, educated in the real sense, sufficiently aware of his/her potential role and commitment to the progress of his/her chosen field.

It shall produce professionals who shall assume responsibilities in the actual transformation for a better society through task-specialization and differentiated role contributions in order to achieve the optimum of a quality of life.