Graduate School

gradschoolThe goal of the Graduate School is to prepare and to form the researcher, the scholar, the teacher, and the leader. Its final product is the efficient professional, educated in the real sense, sufficiently aware of his/her potential role and commitment to the progress of his/her chosen field.

It shall produce professionals who shall assume responsibilities in the actual transformation for a better society through task-specialization and differentiated role contributions in order to achieve the optimum of a quality of life.

Vision-Mission Statement

We, the Graduate School of Saint Louis College, of City of San Fernando, La Union, envision God-centered leaders, globally competitive professionals, and responsive researchers by providing developmental programs on quality instruction, relevant research and sustainable extension.

Graduate & Post Graduate Programs

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Major in Educational Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PH.D.)

Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)


  • Educational Management
  • Library Science
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Master in Public Administration (MPA)