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VERBIST: Amanti Nihil Difficile

By: John Lester Fontanos

November 29, 2021

For his earthly time has passed, but his purpose forever lives. He journeyed unperturbed in every course, faithfully searched while fulfilling his mission. His feet sowed seeds in countless lands. In serving he offered his soul both for his heart's greatest plan and vision's highest climb—a man who dreamt and grieved with intentions pure and wise. His glory forever prevails, bright as the dawn. His memory forever lingers, burrowing deep in the hearts of so many. We promote the cause and carry forth the message, for he shall remain a resplendent and conquering soul. In celebration of CICM’s159th Foundation Anniversary, the Saint Louis College Samtoy Dance Troupe and Saint Louis University Dance Troupe present VERBIST: Amanti Nihil Difficile on December 3, 2021, 7:00 PM, live via the official Facebook pages of Saint Louis University and Saint Louis College of San Fernando, La Union. See you there! #FatherTheophileVerbist #SLCxSLU #DigitalDanceConcert #CICMPhilippines