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Announcement from the Office of the Registrar

By: John Lester Fontanos

April 13, 2021

GOOD NEWS: The Registrar’s Office Launches Online Record Request (ORR) The Office of the Registrar is launching the Online Record Request or ORR. The ORR platform was designed to cater to the school document needs of the students and the alumni who will not be able to do the process onsite. It also aims to make the transactions between the students/alumni and the Registrar’s Office easier, more convenient and systematic.

Here are the procedures on how to apply for your document needs online:

? A. Application/Request Procedures
? 1. The student/applicant downloads the Application/Request form. Please click: https://drive.google.com/.../15WnnHeBiXvUIjdRdmup.../view....
? 2. The student/applicant fills up the form indicating the document he/she is applying for.
? 3. The student/applicant gets access to the link https://forms.gle/6PHiWEx6VyDc9wpS6, fills in the necessary data and attach the following:
a. scanned copy of the accomplished Application/Request form.
b. scanned copy of front and back sides of latest SLC ID or any government-issued ID.
c. If requesting for a 2nd copy of Diploma, scanned copies of letter of request and affidavit of loss.
? 4. For Transfer Credentials application:
4.1 The student/applicant gets access to the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddW35FWuPdHBYuUbpNQ6Zj_VdGuwA_RxFdWaynIZH3VNcTFA/viewformhttps://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSddW35FWuPdHB.../viewform and fills in the necessary data for the Exit Clearance Form.
4.2 The Registrar’s Office secures clearances from the following offices: Academic Dean, Guidance Center, Student Affairs Office and Library.
? 5. The Registrar’s Office sends the assessment of payment to the student/applicant through email.
? 6. The student/applicant makes a payment for the assessment with the following details:
Account Name: Saint Louis College of San Fernando La Union Inc.
Account Number: 107-7-107517436
Type of Account: Current Account
Bank Name & Address: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, La Union – Main Branch, San Fernando, La Union
**Other payment options are posted in the SLC FB page.
? 7. The student/applicant sends the scanned copies of the assessment form and proof of payment to credentialspayments@slc-sflu.edu.ph with the following format:
I.D. NUMBER: 1210042
AMOUNT: Php2, 000.00
Attachment: (Proof of payment and assessment form).
? 8. The Accounting Office confirms the payment, issues and forwards the official receipt to the Registrar’s Office.
? 9. The Registrar’s Office notifies the student/applicant the status of his request through email.
? 10. The requested document may be claimed/sent through the following depending on the student/applicant requests:
a. Pick up by the student/applicant
b. Pick up by a representative with notarized authorization letter and photocopies of IDs of the student/applicant and representative.
c. Student/applicant’s email address
? B. Documents Processing Duration
a. Transcript of Records – 30 working days for first request, 10 working days for succeeding requests
b. Diploma – 10 working days for second and last copy (An affidavit of loss and letter request should be submitted)
c. Transfer Credential – 15 working days
d. Certifications – 5 working days