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BSEd Major in English - Cum Laude
Class of 1997

Because of my deep faith in God, and strong belief that I can make a difference in the world, I was able to hone myself to become a licensed sign language interpreter.

By being such, I am the eyes, ears and hands of the learners with special needs especially the deaf.

My Louisian education has nurtured my upbringing to become a God-fearing and service-oriented individual. In my 21 years of journey as a SPEd teacher, these Louisian principles have guided me to become more focused in my work. Along the way, there were thorns, lots of thorns; there were rocks that tried to hinder me to become a representative of the deaf. There were temptations likewise that lured me to turn away from my mission (going abroad, establishing my own business) but, with fervent prayers, these twists and turns became stepping stones that helped me achieve the life I have now, the life made colorful by various opportunities. Among more than 300 plus letter senders of the then no. 1 real life drama series, Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK) aired on ABS CBN TV network, my life and love story was chosen and was aired in September, 2013. Many cried, laughed, took pity but numerous people from all over the world texted, called and sent me private messages that they were encouraged, motivated and inspired by my story.

Invitations to speak, inspire others came here and there. UCC High School, South Central Elementary, in front of new teachers of DepEd, etc. I was also featured in CBN Regional TV Baguio.