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President's Message

"We face the challenge … together!"
June 23, 2020


          A warm welcome to our beloved students who have enrolled with us in the different courses during this short term (June – July 2020)! We will do our best to make your stay with us delightful. We have motivated our professors to prepare well their modules and the other modes of delivery of the prescribed learning materials.

          I assure you that the same quality standard that SLC is known for will be maintained! SLC will exert all effort within our reach to make this a reality. I would be most willing to receive your feedback and recommendations. To a certain extent, we are all looking for adequate ways and means to respond to the requirements of the new educational dynamics brought forth by the effects of COVID 19.

          Today, we had the blessing and the re-launching of our Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Center. The rehabilitation and refurbishing of the facility is a concrete response of SLC to the challenges that the global pandemic has posed to the delivery of instruction and the learning of students.

          Starting June 22, 2020, the new ICT Center will be open and accessible for faculty members and students. Teachers can now enjoy using one fully air-conditioned and carpeted room for virtual and synchronous classes. It is equipped with four soundproof cubicles and four desktop computers with webcam and reliable Internet connection suitable for facilitating smooth conduct of online learning sessions. Six more cubicles will be made.

          Aside from the virtual classroom, three (3) laboratory rooms with thirty (30) desktop computers in each room are also available for teachers who wish to create and upload learning resources, course materials, and other activities that students may access from the comforts of their own homes. Meanwhile, three (3) computer laboratory rooms with thirty (30) desktop computers and reliable Internet connection are also available to students who want to come to school and use the facility for a minimal fee. Health and safety protocols are strictly implemented all over the campus to ensure the welfare of teachers and students.

         The Management Team of SLC, in these past six weeks, has been crafting the School Continuity Plan. We have covered all areas that needed to be analyzed and studied carefully. We decided on responding to arising needs with conviction and determination.

         We have decided on the online platform that we will use for our Basic Education Schools and for College and Graduate School. We have organized workshop-trainings for students, teachers and parents so they can cope with the demands of the times.

         We are confronted with so many challenges. SLC renews its commitment to give quality education, grounded on our Core Values.

         Let us walk together and continue to be the Beacon of Wisdom in the North!

         May the generous God of all Creation and the Author of Peace and Justice keep us safe and healthy!