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President's Message

"Yes, I will gladly do so as requested!"
July 13, 2020


That was my response when I was asked to prepare a message for the yearbook of our dear learners of Grade 10 as they move up, and of Grade 12 as they graduate and move on to College or to any other dignified task after graduation.

I mentioned three responsibilities they have to uphold dearly and convincingly: one, to holdfast on their guiding principles in life; two, to serve others with compassion; three, to be involved in the transformation of our society.

In other words, we will encourage them to be a light that keeps our collective hope alive! We will encourage them to be leaven in our collective search for doable plans and actions that lead to solidarity and respect.

As Louisians, they are young leaders who take upon themselves the wonderful opportunity to foster true friendships, to take care of Mother Earth, to share to those in greater need the little that we have, and many other simple but significant actions.

And why not! They have to be given the opportunity to express, articulate and propose their dreams for a better tomorrow. Is this not a tall order for us adults to lend a listening ear?

I just received a quote from a classmate of mine back in High School. It goes this way: “The first ever Cordless Phone was created by God. He named it ‘Prayer” … It never Loses its Signal and U never have to Recharge it. Use it Anywhere…”!

Pray, pray, pray! That is our lifeline to God. But a word of caution: we do not leave all to God! We have our part to fulfill. “Do your best and God will do the rest”, a saying goes.

As these young leaders move on and continue their walk, so as not to go astray, signposts that give direction and orientation are needed. Let this sacred text serve the purpose:

“Our good Lord asks of us only three things: “To act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God.” (Micah 6:8).

  Do not let the naysayers dampen your spirit dear Louisians. Rather open your heart to the meaningful and joyful promptings of the Holy Spirit. Make a difference for you and for the whole world. You are blessed and you are a blessing for others!

- Ramon Rullan Caluza