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John Lester Fontanos

September 09, 2020


First Term, School Year 2020 – 2021



  1. To ensure the safety and well-being of the students and faculty, the administrators of Saint Louis College sanction the conduct of online Remote Learning for the First Term of School Year 2020 – 2021.
  2. Online classes will be conducted in real-time/live (synchronous) in a virtual classroom as scheduled and by the online provision of learning tasks (asynchronous) for students to complete on their own and not being delivered in person or in real-time.
  3. The official Learning Management System (LMS) of the SLC College Department is Google Classroom (GClassroom). Other complementary educational platforms may also be used.
  4. The class program, activities and work shall be posted in the GClassroom. Students are required to regularly visit their GClassroom for any announcement and assignments.



  1. Learning content maybe delivered synchronously through Google Meet in a virtual classroom. Instructors may also use other complementary platforms to enhance and improve the online learning sessions.
  2. Synchronous sessions shall be regularly conducted during the schedule assigned to each course/subject.
  3. Quizzes, major examinations and other forms of learning assessment shall be administered online.
  4. Students may use personal computer (desktop or laptop), tablets, and cellphones with video and audio capabilities during online classes.
  5. Students may use earphones or headsets with microphone to avoid or minimize noise.
  6. Students must be in a venue/room conducive to synchronous sessions.
  7. The proportion of synchronous sessions is at least 1/3 of the total number of contact hours per term.
  8. Subject to the approval of the Academic Dean’s Office and with the written consent of the instructor, no student shall record, take screenshots and photocopy materials during synchronous sessions.
  9. There will be no synchronous classes during suspension of classes as announced by the local government units, other government agencies, and SLC authorized administrators.
  10. Students must join the Google Meet link set in the GClassroom at least five (5) minutes before the synchronous session.
  11. Attendance will be checked during the synchronous classes and the policy on class attendance applies.
  12. All notes, materials, and assessment tools, including videos and recordings published by the instructors in the GClassroom or any other platform shall only be used for academic purposes by the student enrolled in the class. Such materials should not be reproduced, shared or disclosed to any person or entity outside the class without the written permission from the concerned instructor.



  1. Using the features of GClassroom, instructors may provide student’s individual or collaborative tasks, activities and projects to complement the synchronous classes.
  2. The schedule and manner of submission of outputs, tasks and other course requirements will be communicated in the GClassroom.
  3. Students may ask questions and clarifications regarding posted learning materials and tasks through the GClassroom or Messenger Group Chat, if available.


  1. Recording and taking of screenshots are prohibited by SLC and appropriate sanctions shall be given who violate these rules.
  2. Unauthorized access to the LMS and other SLC data is prohibited and may constitute a criminal offense in addition to administrative sanctions.
  3. Do not share your password in the GSuite account to anyone. Unauthorized use of student accounts constitutes an administrative offense and shall be dealt with in accordance with the SLC Student Handbook.
  4. Change your password regularly and practice internet safety hygiene. Use different passwords for different accounts.
  5. Always log out when you have finished using the digital platform.
  6. Do not post videos, pictures, screenshots, conversations, or comments of the members of the class on your social media accounts or other digital communication tools.



  1. Online synchronous classes should always start and end with a prayer.
  2. Always log-in to online synchronous classes five (5) minutes before the time. Any student who logs in after the class has started shall be considered tardy.
  3. Clear your desk or study area from any object or materials unrelated to the class discussion.
  4. Avoid doing anything that may distract or disturb the conduct of the online synchronous class.
  5. Ensure sufficient and steady internet connection during online synchronous classes.
  6. Ensure that your personal computer or gadget is fully charged to last the entire session. Put your charger within your reach during the online synchronous class.
  7. Wear a decent attire during online synchronous classes. Wearing of sandos, sleeveless shirts, strapless, spaghetti strap and tube blouses is not allowed.
  8. Clear your background from any distracting/inappropriate object and choose an online learning area where no or minimal home activity is being undertaken.
  9. Turn off TV, radio and other electronic entertainment media within your immediate area.
  10. Always mute your microphone during online synchronous classes. Turn on your microphone only when you are called by the instructor to recite or participate in class discussions.
  11. Show respect to your instructors and classmates at all times by using appropriate language and gesture.
  12. Avoid sending messages or chatting to other members of the class during online synchronous classes.
  13. Keep your comments on topics always relevant and productive to the activity.
  14. Be prepared for classes with all the necessary materials.
  15. Refrain from eating and drinking during online synchronous classes.
  16. Observe honesty at all times especially during online quizzes, examinations and other assessments. Any student caught cheating in any course shall be subject to the provisions of the SLC Student Handbook.
  17. Cite properly your resources in all academic work. Do not copy or plagiarize other’s work.
  18. Respect the privacy of your instructors. All questions and concerns in a subject must be raised during the scheduled online class.