estudyanteLouisians, as what they are proudly called, continuously undergo transformation coupled with relevant academic training centered on its core values of Christ-centeredness, excellence, and missionary thereby creating holistically trained youth of the present and future generations.

Student Body. Saint Louis College recognizes the College Supreme Student Council (CSSC) as the only legitimate
representative of the student body to the Administration and to the Faculty. Any request or communication to the Administration for the student body must be channeled through the said Council. No splinted group shall be recognized.

Period of Recognition. All student organizations must seek recognition or renewal of recognition from the SAO within the first two (2) months of the opening of classes, and such recognition shall be renewed every school year.

Use of SLC Name. Only duly recognized organizations may be authorized to use the name of Saint Louis College. However, the objectives and activities of all organizations must be in conformity with the goals and objectives of the school.

Use of Facilities. Any student organization that wishes to use any school facility must seek the prior approval of the College President.

Outside-School Speakers/Lecturer. Any student organization that wishes to invite a speaker/lecturer from outside the College must seek first the approval of the President through the Student Services Office.

Imposition of Fine, Penalty or Punishment. No student organization must impose upon its members any fine, penalty, or punishment except those stated in its approved Constitution and By-Laws.

Prohibited Acts. Class hours must never be used for organizational meetings, activities or fund drives, since academic work must never be sacrificed for any other pursuit in the classroom.

Use of Fund. All funds collected by any organization shall be used only for projects approved by its members, advisers and the Dean of Student Affairs. The Dean shall demand for the submission of all financial statements, audit the same and keep the passbook, if any, for safekeeping and turnover purposes. All funds shall be deposited at the Accounting Office/Bank of Choices/SLC Cooperative.

Off-Campus Activity. Off-campus activity of any student organization must first be coordinated with the Adviser and the Dean of Student Affairs for extra-curricular activities, and with the respective Academic Deans for the co-curricular in nature, before such activity is undertaken. In no case, however, may an off-campus activity be allowed without waiver signed by the participating students and their parents/guardians with the final approval of the College President.


Liquor and Smoke Ban. In all affairs or activities in teh College, no liquor, beer or hand drink shall be served to undergraduate students, nor students under the influence of liquor be allowed entry into the campus. SLC is a Smoke-Free School, hence, smoking is not allowed inside the campus.