Research Management Office


Vision-Mission Statement

We, the Research Management Office of Saint Louis College of the City of San Fernando, La Union envisions competent leaders and scholarly researchers by providing innovative shepherding of research endeavors responsive to the needs of the disciplines, the institution and society.


  • Devises a research development program of the institution.
  • Promotes and develop the research skills of the academic and non-academic personnel as well as students.
  • Establishes linkages with other academic institutions as well as government and non-government agencies relative research and development endeavors.
  • Assists in the preparation of short-term and long-term development programs of the school.
  • Conducts institutional researches on students profile, drop-outs, promotion and the like; as well as along thrusts and programs of the school.
  • Encourages all members of the academic community to engage actively in research projects.
  • Coordinates all research activities and provide avenues for the dissemination of research output such as through journals and forums.
  • Provides consultation and assistance to faculty and student researches.