Institutional Development and Quality Assurance Office

idqa1The Institutional Development and Quality Assurance Office (IDQA) Office is a newly created office under the Office of the President in response to the call to continuously ensure quality assurance mechanism for the College. The IDQA Office, which officially started operations June 2014, is tasked to (1) to establish and manage institutionalized mechanisms to monitor implementation and delivery of Strategic Planning process in the College, (2) to institute quality assurance mechanisms and programs to meet both national and international or global quality standards, and (3) to build communication gateway for internal and external stakeholders of the College.

Specifically, the IDQA Office facilitates and coordinates the strategic planning processes of the College, and provides technical support to the various strategic units and departments of the College as they go through the phases of accreditation and evaluation processes, recognition evaluation (search for Centers of Excellence/ Centers of Developments, etc) strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation and control. In addition, the Office is tasked to undertake the review and updating of existing policies and procedures of the different units or offices of the College in coordination with the concerned heads of offices for continuous improvement. Accordingly, the IDQA Office acts as the repository of all Manuals of Operating Procedures and Guidelines (MOPGs) of the College. Moreover, the IDQA Office takes the initiative to recommend, the review and updating of the Institutional Development Plan and Strategic Plan of the college.

The Office is further tasked to publish the bi-annual news magazines of employees known as EDIFICE, to coordinate with the Marketing Officer in preparing and updating College catalogues, brochures, and other similar Publications for College, and to coordinate with the MIS Head for the updating of the SLC website by providing the news items.

Dr. Juner Windel M. Valdez was appointed as the very first IDQA Officer. The quality assurance and accreditation functions used to be integrated in the functions of various offices and departments of the College.