College of Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education & Information Technology

It is the aim of the College of Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education and Information Technology to provide the student with sound and solid amount of general knowledge in the human sciences and arts so that with competence, she/he may review human problems realistically and holistically without prejudice.


The College of Arts & Sciences Programs aim:

  • to provide the student with sound and solid amount of general knowledge in the human sciences and arts.
  • to develop a culture or a way of life beneficial to his country and to his fellowmen.
  • to contribute in the search for Filipino identify by means of a thorough study and research of indigenous local, culture being keenly interested in the Filipino Christian heritage.
  • to provide an integral formation, which will enable the student to comprehend the social problems of the nation and of his community in order that he shall be encouraged to contribute constructively to grow as a mature Christian.

The College of Education objectives:

  • The integration of a sound philosophy of education
  • The understanding and appreciation for the role of education and of teachers in human development and social progress.
  • The strengthening of national consciousness, the love for work and service to humanity among the youth.
  • The emulation of a value system that will motivate teachers to love and appreciate their calling.

The College of Information Technology aims:aste2

  • To produce graduates suited to the manpower requirements of present day society;
  • To equip the students with core computer and technological competencies and skills in abstract and analytical processes allowing them to pursue careers in just about any area in the field of computing and information technologies;
  • To effectively provide students with knowledge on computer-based solutions to problems encountered in business, school, government and other institution's operations;
  • To help students develop themselves into a socially oriented and progressive Christian individuals with a professional attitudes and work ethics thus maintaining harmonious relations with people in business society and the public;
  • To be grounded in appropriate concepts and principles of information technology.
  • To provide an environment and structure that will push students to undertake relevant researches in the field of information technology and to publish the results.

Arts & Sciences, Teacher Education and Information Technology Programs

Bachelor of Arts (AB)

Majors: English, Mathematics, Political Science, Public Administration

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSEd)

Majors: English, Biological Science, Filipino, Mathematics, Religious & Values Education, Physical Education

Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEEd)

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS Math)

Bachelor in Library and Information Science (BLIS)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS PSych)