Pre-board Preparations

Before the said examination, Mr. Aquino and Ms. Flores, college guidance counselors, attended a two month review program at Benguet State University. They were given lectures on the six subjects, enhancement activities and various mock tests. Their lecturers from the field of guidance and counseling added review and testing tips. The examinees did not only rely on the review center but they spent their nights reading different counseling books and answering practice questions to increase their chances of passing the board examination.

Overcoming pressure and planning for the future

Mr. Aquino and Ms. Flores faced a lot of challenges before they were able to get hold of their license. The examinees needed to report in the office and travel over the weekend for the review. Ms. Flores had to attend her children's needs and the lost of her mother. But these challenges pushed them even harder to prepare for the board examination. Mr. Aquino and Ms. Flores plan to continue working for the improvement of the facilitation of the guidance services to the studentry. They are enthused and ready for the demands and the challenges of being licensed guidance counselors.