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Student admission requirements and procedure

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NEUTRALITY. A student of any Nationality, religious belief, or political affiliation is welcome to Saint Louis College in accordance with the constitution and laws of the Country and within the framework of the philosophy and objectives of the College. The College, however, reserves the right at any time, to refuse, drop, dismiss, or not to admit a student for due cause, as enrollment in Saint Louis College is a privilege. A student applying for admission will be given due consideration by the College if he meets all academic requirements, possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications prescribed by the College, Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and the Laws of the land.

UNFAVORABLE RECORD. Any student convicted of any criminal case shall not be admitted in this College even during the pendency of an appeal. However, a student with a pending civil or administrative case/s may be admitted conditionally provided he presents upon enrolment, a police clearance, court clearance, and NBI clearance.

TRANSFER STUDENT. As a general rule, Saint Louis College accepts transfer students from other schools but preferably from CICM affiliate schools.

SUMMER ENROLMENT. A student who enrolls during the summer term does not require residence in the College.